• Local, Friendly Service
  • ADP & NIHB Authorized Vendors
  • Latest Design of Small Lightweight Masks & Machines
  • Direct Billing & Extended Healthcare Coverage Assistance
  • All clinical Staff are Highly Trained Registered Respiratory Therapists
  • Service for Life™ – All Future Visits are Complimentary

RHS: One Stop Place for All Types of Sleeping Disorder

RHS Burlington opened its doors May 2012 to help fulfill the increasing demand from patients across the Halton Region. Lindsay Fennell, the Owner/Manager is a true local. Born and raised in the local area, Lindsay has a passion for helping people. Lindsay takes pride in our services and thrives on the great news she hears from those who have a better quality of life due to RHS. After spending time traveling the world and living in Australia, Lindsay is enjoying running a business in her own backyard.

Sleep Apnea and Home Oxygen are the primary focus at this location, where you’ll find a team of knowledgeable and passionate staff who love what they do. We always go the extra mile to ensure those we serve are completely comfortable with their treatment.

Having numerous choices available to us, we are able to customize each system to the needs of each patient.

On the Home Oxygen front, we provide state of the art oxygen concentrators that are not only smaller than before, but also quieter. On the Sleep Apnea treatment front, we take a proactive approach in those important first few weeks of initiating CPAP therapy by offering remote monitoring to assure compliance to therapy and to be able to troubleshoot when problems arise.

Our administration staff will also assist with any coordinating of extended health benefits and government funding.

Our commitment is simple; “Our mission is to exceed expectations”